How important is your style?

Your teaching style is a double-edged sword. It has the potential to truly delight or seriously disappoint your students.



of 5 star reviews mention an instructor's teaching style


of 1-2 star reviews mention an instructor's teaching style

Wow, an instructor's teaching style is frequently mentioned in both good and bad reviews

Yup, that means this can really make or break a student's experience in your course!

What to do

Act like you're speaking to a friend  

You might think you sound "professional" when you speak in a formal manner, but students just get bored. Relax and let your personality come through!

Graham Thompson

Many online courses suffer from over-prepared, monotonic boring voiceovers but Bernie's style is a bit like having your mate around to show you how to do something.

Inspirational Example

Brad Hussey (20-second clip)

What not to do

Don't ramble  

Cut the fluff and get to the point. If you wing a lecture, you’ll ramble - so prepare and know exactly what points you want to make.

Ainoon Davies

Rob's bite size videos are so easy to digest. I hate to have to sit down for hours listening to someone rambling as I get terribly impatient & just want to get from point A to point Z. Basta!

Inspirational Example

Felicia Ricci (20-second clip)

Key Takeaway

The most important thing is to keep your instruction conversational and show enthusiasm. Also ‐ plan ahead, do a practice-run, and don't ramble.

Extra Tips

Friendly tone related      Rambling related

Before Recording

  Do a solo table read

  Write a script (or at least, an outline)

  Get in the mood! Listen to playful music like this to loosen up & get excited

While Recording

  Smile :) It's counter-intuitive, but smiling can actually cause you to feel happy & energetic

After Recording

  Edit out any long pauses or irrelevant material

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