Guide to creating the perfect promo video

A second-by-second researched recipe

Students who watch a good promo video are 5X more likely to enroll in your course. We've seen that multiplier go to 10X for awesome promo videos.

So, we ran a bunch of tests, looked at hundreds of promo videos, and came up with a second-by-second researched recipe for how to make your promo video awesome. Check it out below.

1. Course Image Placeholder

Start with a slide showing your course image or branding.

This allows the student to maximize the video player and adjust volume level

2. Welcome & Instructor Intro

Give a 1-sentence intro to the course then tell the student why you're a credible instructor.

TIP: Sprinkle clips of talking-head footage here. In a pinch, you can use an iPhone as a makeshift camcorder

3. Benefits

Describe the benefits of the course and what students will be able to do after completing it.

Paint a picture of skills students will gain, instead of abstract concepts they will learn.


“At the end of this course, you’ll know more about the different elements that go into politics”


“At the end of this course, you’ll be able to talk confidently about political hot-button issues at dinner parties

4. List of Major Components

Explain how the course is designed and list (don't describe) the major topics you'll cover.

Be careful of getting too bogged down in the details of what you'll cover. Don't teach anything yet, just list what you will teach.

5. Ideal Student Description

Describe your target student.

Persona Generator 3000: Think about the 3 aspects below to help define your target persona.
  • Roles: What are some roles this persona plays in his/her professional and personal life?
  • Hopes & Fears: What are some goals this persona wants to achieve? What worries this persona?
  • Challenges: What challenges does this persona face when trying to achieve their goals?
Result: "I designed this course for the family chef who wants the family to get excited about dinner-time but struggles with making delicous meals that are also nutritious"

6. Thank You & Call to Action

Call the student to enroll in the course or try the free preview if they want to explore further.

MOST IMPORTANT: Keep it under 2 minutes. 90 seconds is ideal.

There you have it. Our second-by-second researched recipe for creating a winning promo video. See our example video in its entirety then go make your own!

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